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Fourier Transform Infrared Analyzers

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These multiple gas analyzers utilize proprietary magnetic sector mass spectrometer technology that provides rapid, accurate and stable monitoring of multi-component gas streams with response times that can be less than one second. Typical process and environmental applications are for ambient air, ammonia, ethylene oxide, fermentation, purity gas analysis coke oven and blast furnace top gas and others for the steel, biopharmaceutical gas industries.

MGA 1200CS
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MGA 1200CS
CyberSecure Process Mass Spectrometer featuring Modicon X/80 Controller
MGA 1200EC
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MGA 1200EC
Fixed magnetic sector; less than 1 second response time, with mid-ppm to % level analysis of up to 10 components.
MGA Sample Conditioning System
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MGA Sample Conditioning System
4-stream and 16-stream sample conditioning systems to integrate seamlessly with the MGA 1200CS
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