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Update Your Foxboro® Model 931 Gas Chromatograph to Meet Today's Demands

AIT offers a variety of upgrade paths for existing Model 931A, 931B, 931C, & 931D gas chromatographs, including systems from Foxboro. Field installed, the kits give you the benefits of the most current technology for a fraction of a full system replacement.


Electronic Enclosure Replacement-Upgrade
Replaces the complete electronic enclosure for the Foxboro® Model 931A, 931B and 931C (dual) enclosures with complete new AIT electronics, Analyzer Maintenance Software and new Front Panel PC touch screen Display to current FXI® technology. Updates all the GC controller electronics and Front Panel PC with rugged, fan-less computer, large color display and increased memory and functions.
Flexible, complete local interface and remote communications to DCS & Remote Analyzer Workstations via Modbus®, Modbus/TCP, and OPC® Ethernet protocols
Real-time Chromatogram display and improved software for GC & Oven control
Electronic Kit Upgrade
Upgrade Kit updates Foxboro® 931C and 931D systems with new electronics, power supply, temperature control and GC front panel displays to current FXI® technology and hardware. New GC Front Panel PC and Door Kit offers complete local GC interface and control through large 12" color-touch screen display.
Updates and offers new, flexible communication outputs and protocols.
FXI® Front Panel PC Upgrade
New, larger 12" Front Panel PC and Door Kit for more reliable fan-less, no moving parts PC with Flash Drives. New Front Panel PC uses more robust XP Embedded OS to prevent corrupting of operating system by disorderly shutdowns.
GC Application Rebuilds
AIT offers GC application rebuilds and valve-column updates for all Foxboro and AIT GC systems.

Contact AIT for more information


Update Your MGA 1200™ to Meet Today's Demands

AIT offers a variety of upgrade paths for existing MGA1200™ users including systems purchased from Perkin-Elmer. From pump upgrades to new Windows® based Software, or the complete rebuild of a Model 1200 into a Model 1200EC, AIT can enhance the usability of your existing MGA™ asset. Take a close look at our economical alternatives to purchasing a new system:


Prime Software Upgrades
Replaces summing and ratio boards with direct interface to Prime software (Modbus® RTU, Modbus TCP/IP built in)
Prime Software includes real-time displays, automatic calibrations, sample system controls and historical analysis
Optional analog output accessories and communications protocols are available
Turbomolecular Pump Upgrades
Replaces existing ion pump with new turbomolecular pump
Increases reliability by eliminating ion pump spiking, and provides rapid pump down (typically under 2 minutes)
Includes new mechanical pumps
Trade In Your Old Model
Substantial savings available by trading in older models for the new MGA 1200EC™

Contact Process Analyzers for more information


Update Your ANALECT® Systems With New Software

Contact Process Analyzers to learn how you can upgrade your earlier ANALECT® lab and on-line systems with the new SpectraRTS™ operating software and the new SpectraQuant™ principle component regression calibration software.


Update your ACA.HF system with a new Controller!

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