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Fourier Transform Infrared Analyzers

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Based on a proprietary grating and diode array technology, this on-line NIR multi-component NIR system provides analysis of refinery process streams such as gasoline and diesel fuel with typical applications such as RON, MON, distillation points, %aromatics and cetane number. Remote fiber optic sampling and real time measurement capability allow for the ability to remotely monitor multiple points of the refinery process with one system.

PIONIR® 1024X™
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PIONIR® 1024X™
Multi-channel on-line dispersive NIR analyzer designed for operation in hazardous areas.
PIONIR® MVP+ Benchtop™
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PIONIR® MVP+ Benchtop™
The PIONIR® MVP+ Benchtop is designed for the lab to support the on-line systems.
PIONIR® MVP+ Rackmount
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PIONIR® MVP+ Rackmount
The PIONIR® MVP+ Rackmount is an on-line analyzer designed for the control room.
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